beclax xperform last longer in a bed

XPERFORM® - Beat the premature ejaculation

XPERFORM is an innovation brought to you by BECLAX Cosmetics. It is a 100% natural product and consists of a unique mixture of herbs. XPERFORM gently numbs the glans and helps men to increase their sexual performance by eliminating the premature ejaculation. Thanks to the special formula applied, the genuine feel of pleasure remains. Our ultimate goal is to help improve the quality of your sexual life.


There are other delay sprays on the market, and it is important to understand the difference. Many of the sprays include flashy and macho man branded label; with words like stud, max, super, 5000 and raging. Generally those are the products which you will most likely think twice before applying. The concentration of the active substance in those sprays is often unbalanced, causing unwanted numbness and side effects to not only you but your partner too. With XPERFORM© we are using a unique combination in the mild but functioning dosage to really help you use your potential, without a need to reach deep into your pockets.

How to use

    - External use only
    - Do not spray inside the urinary tube
    - Shake a few times before use
    - Apply spray 3-times on sensible penis areas (primarily glans)
    - Allow 2 minutes for the lotion to absorb
    - Use with a condom contributes to the overall product effectiveness
    - Keep the product away from the heat source as this is a combustible material

Additional Info

    - Herb extract
    - Bottle contains 15ml of liquid product
    - Product lasts for at least 100 sprays
    - Product takes effect for approximately 20minutes
    - Expiration date: See on the bottle
    - Certified cure for premature ejaculation
    - Dermatologically tested
    - Quality guaranteed by Cosmetic Association (CAA)
    - Thousands of satisfied customers and their partners


    - Purified water 77.9%
    - Glycerin 20%
    - Salvia extract 0.2%
    - Wolfberry extract 0.2%
    - Dodder seed extract 0.2%
    - Diamond seed extract 1.5%

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