Michael K
Amsterdam, NL

I want to share my experience with...

I want to share my experience with xperform. I had a problem with premature ejaculation since the beginning of my sexual life, and lets face it, most of my relationships fell apart because of it. I visited a sexologist and he prescribed me some medications to suppress the ejaculation reflex on a psychological base.

To be completely honest, it did not help me at all and I was even more desperate. Afterwards I refused to see doctors (shame, frustration etc.). I felt more miserable than before. Eventually I’ve met a girl who liked me the way I was. When I read about xperform, I was like why not, its definitely worth trying. After all, I've tried all the other stuff already, so what else is there to lose?

And let me tell you, I am really surprised that my doctor didn’t recommend me the xperform at the very first visit. It's better than all the drugs they are giving. My girlfriend is now actually my wife and after trying the product my life changed a lot. I dont want to go into the details but the time we spent in bed is much, much longer. Finally I can satisfy my wife's all needs.. (She has the gift of multiple orgasms) So thank you, thank you, and thanks again for the "XPERFORM".

Dave A
San Francisco, CA

After trying some other products...

After trying some other products, and being disappointed by them, I decided to try this one. Without going into much detail, this lotion absorbs into your skin, which is good because it doesn't cause any numbness or lack of sensation to your partner. That as one of the problems I had with the other products. I am very satisfied.

Victor A
London, UK

I have a gorgeous girlfriend...

I have a gorgeous girlfriend so I sometimes find it hard to hold on for long in the bedroom department. I had a look through a few of the different products, but I decided to go with this one. Didn't really expect it to do a great deal but I was pleasantly surprised and this helped me not to come too early, and allowed my girlfriend to have some extra time of pleasure!

Michael D
Denver, CO


Wow! Was sceptical that some herbs and spices would work, but I was proven wrong! Takes a few goes to work out the optimal coverage but once you find your way around it you can expect to keep going for hours and hours. Once applied it you a pleasant almost mentholish cool tingle. During sex you still get the full pleasure but you just won’t cum.

Muhammad D
Manchester, UK


I read a lot of reviews for different sprays and creams before making the decision to try this one. It's the only one I've tried so I have nothing to compare it with... but based on the results I'll be sticking with this. I was a little sceptical but it definitely worked for us..

Davidoff D
Belton, SC

It was easy to apply...

It was easy to apply, just a mild tingle but nothing more. Then I waited in anticipation for a few minutes before getting intimate. It definitely produced a reduction in sensitivity and I was able to play with myself for a lot longer than usual. There was no stinging, no irritation and no other after effects. A very promising start!

Ungalu D
London, UK

It works...

So to the real reason for trying this... would it make things last longer with the OH? The answer... a resounding and definite Yes. We were both (very pleasantly!) surprised by how long I kept going - significantly longer than usual. This spray is going to completely transform sex for us.

Alice S
Jackson, SC


My partner bought this using his own account as a surprise as he could never quite hold back long enough. And well, it works miracles - he can now last between 20-40mins of continual thrusting. Just follow the instructions correctly and you and your partner will have the time of your lives..

Pete D
Dover, UK

Perofmance boost...

We have a very active sex life with lots of foreplay before getting down to full blown sex. I normally go for about 15-20 minutes but we wanted something extra to keep going. After reading the reviews I thought let's get this ordered. It arrived within 2 days - great delivery and does exactly what its supposed to.

Justin K
Tennessee, TE

I have never...

I am good looking guy and always got an attention from girls, but I was always too shy to be with any. Even while masturbating I've lasted for under a minute! I've tried the product. Even though I dont live in my own place, the package was very discreet. I was surprised by the size of the package, its very sleak and handy. But more importantly, it really does what it promises. It boosted my confidence so much.
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